Do You Need to Be Wary of Cheap Roofing Quotes?

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When comparing Maryville roofing contractor estimates for roof repair or replacement, one will likely be substantially lower. Although it is impossible to ignore, this often has little significance. We’ll explain why homeowners should be suspicious of a low roofing estimate in this article. Extremely Low Roofing Bids Some roofers make cheap quotes to fit your … Read more

Mold and Leaky Roofing in Knoxville: A Roofers Perspective

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Regular roof repairs and tune-ups are part of being a good homeowner, and disregarding them will cause leaks to grow. Mold development will be encouraged by moisture penetration, and this material might be harmful to your family. Today, a reputable roofer in Knoxville talks about how unmanaged roofs may develop leaks and what you can … Read more

What Sets Us Apart as a Top-Rated Sevierville Roofing Contractor?

Sevierville Roofing Contractor

You don’t have to forgo quality to receive honest pricing for the services your home needs while searching for a Sevierville roofing contractor. Both business and residential roof services are offered by Roofing Crew. We also offer service in Knoxville, Maryville, and Lenoir, as well as areas nearby. We are the GAF Certified Installer you … Read more

Tips for Maryville Roofing: The Value of Underlayment

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Do you need to replace or repair the roof of your house? The majority of homeowners are ignorant of what is happening on their roofs or when a repair is required. If you belong to this group of homeowners, the best place to start is with a free inspection from a professional Maryville roofing contractor, … Read more

The Best Option for Your Home is a GAF Certified Lenoir Roofer

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The reputation of a Lenoir roofer is founded on dependability. Therefore, if you’re considering acquiring a GAF roof, keep in mind that only a small number of roofing companies are able to pass the stringent qualifications to become approved installers. We are proud to say that Roofing Crew is among the top 6% of all … Read more

Maryville Roofing Contractor Tips to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

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Summer has finally arrived. Now that warmer weather is here to stay, it’s the perfect time to make those much-needed home improvements that will increase not just your comfort, but also your property’s resale value. Roofing Crew, a top Maryville roofing contractor, advises these modifications to boost curb appeal. Have a look below to find … Read more

Ask a Sevierville Roofing Contractor: Are Metal Roofs Easy to Maintain

Metal roofs are becoming more common. Learn why metal roofs are a wonderful option from your Sevierville Roofing Contractor.

The lifetime of metal roofing is undeniably its most valuable quality. With a lifespan of up to 50 years and resistance to fire, wind, rain, and snow, this roofing material is perfect for Sevierville homes. There is a potential of replacing at least two or possibly three asphalt roofs before a single metal roof needs … Read more

Ask a Maryville Roofing Contractor: Are Metal Roofs a Good investment?

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Are you thinking about getting a metal for your house but aren’t sure if it’s worth the money? Many property owners are put off by the expense of metal roofing since it is considered a luxury roofing material, and the pricing mirrors that. Does it make sense to choose a Maryville roofing contractor with experience … Read more

Maryville Roofing Contractor Tips: Wind Damage

A great roof from a Maryville roofing contractor will outlast a badly planned roof.

Your local Maryville roofing contractor knows that high winds can cause damage to your roof. Despite the fact that most tiles are built to resist wind gusts of 90 mph or more, shingle roofs are especially sensitive to high winds. As a homeowner, it is critical to understand how to assess your roof for damage … Read more

Sevierville Roofing Contractor Tips: Why You Should Get HOA Approval First

A Sevierville roofing contractor finds storm damage on a residential roof.

An expert Sevierville roofing contractor understands that there are various factors to consider in any normal roof replacement project. However, in addition to choosing the correct materials and hiring the right roofer for your job, if you reside in an HOA neighborhood, they will need to be aware of it as well. That entails adhering … Read more