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Your Roof Is Not Going To Last Forever

If you have owned your home in TN long enough, then you know things can break at any time. Light bulbs burn out, hot water tanks break, water pipes crack, and even your roof can fail. When that day comes, it is best if you already have a reputable Lenoir roofing contractor that you can count on. The expert team at Roofing Crew is here for you!

This may sound silly, but your roof is not going to last forever. A commonly used asphalt shingle roof will usually last 20 years with some good luck from the weather and routine maintenance from a Lenoir roof repair service. This is especially true living in an area that sees a decent amount of bad weather such as heavy winds, thunderstorms, hail, and large amounts of snow. All of these conditions are an ideal breeding ground for trees to damage your roof!

Next, there are your shingles which are the first to see the elements. They are also an excellent indicator of the condition of your roof and how it is performing. Have you ever found a shingle on your property? The wind blew it there and a reputable roofer will quickly decipher if there is more damage as well as repair all of the missing and damaged shingles that are present.

Remember, just because you cannot see any damage does not mean there is not any. Hail is hard to see by the untrained eye. The best thing you can do to protect your home is to have a Lenoir roofer examine it. Hail damage can be tough to see from the ground. But that doesn't mean your roof has not been compromised. Pebble-sized hail usually will not do much damage, but it can when it is combined with powerful winds. However, half-inch hail or larger is when the real damage happens. Additionally, if your home has been struck with one-inch hail or larger, you more than likely will have roof damage.

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October 1, 2020
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