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Protect your gutters from daily debris such as: twigs, leaves, tree needles, birds, insects, and other items that make their way into your gutter system. Over time, debris can build up and limit the performance of your gutter system.

Eventually this can cause the gutters to clog, overflow, and result in damaging the foundation, roof, windows, doors, landscaping, etc. of the home.

Affordable, Reliable and Permanent Gutter Protection

  • Eliminates ice dams and overflow damage
  • Corrects gutter function by properly controlling water flow
  • Patented design technology in function and attachment
  • Lowest profile gutter cover in the industry for added curb appeal
  • Compared to lesser systems Leaf Slugger is Competitively priced
  • Uses the most durable materials in its Class
  • Leaf Slugger utilizes existing gutters making it Earth friendly
  • Reinforces your current gutter system extending its life
  • Can handle hurricane force winds.
  • Integration with your roof is seamless
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • All warranties are at the discretion of the Dealer who originally installed the Product

Additional incorporated features:

  • We make our product with primary materials-including the thickest (.027 gauge) aluminum used in the industry-to ensure it has a long life.
  • We designed the product with installation flexibility; attach it to either the roof or the fascia board.
  • Our gutter protection system has the lowest profile in the industry, ensuring it looks great with your roof line!
  • Our system is designed to attach on top of your existing gutters, which not only saves you from costly replacements, but it is also Earth-friendly!
  • Our product comes in a dozen different colors-thats eight more than what most other companies offer!
  • Leaf Sluggers products are all proudly made in America.
Roofing Crew Images Roofing Crew Images
Roofing Crew Images Roofing Crew Images
Roofing Crew Images Roofing Crew Images

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Roofing Crew Images Roofing Crew Images
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